mandag 17. april 2017

Påskepynt/ easterdecor

The sweetest thing for a mum is when here kids hands over they'r homemade decoration. So sweet, I love it...

This picture is of my youngest son with his easter decoration that he made in kindergarden, and yes, Im glad I took a picture, becouse he broke it later on, so all we have left is the picture..

If you like prosess-videos, I have one right here:
Hope you like it...

Im in a stamp-mood these days, and love to stamp different words and sayings into the background, on this one I have used mostly black ink for the words, and ombre ink for the other elements...

I have used to different fonts  for my tittle, Påskepynt = easterdecor

 All of the paper is from Canvas corp, both background and the diecut sircles...

  I used glimmermist and made some drops here and there..

I used a brush to spred a litle layer of glue in the edges and sprinkle on som goldglitter...
It makes it look a bit messy and I love that wimsical look..

Here in Norway we are having our last day of easter-holyday, and still lazy days..
Hope you have a great day ..

fredag 31. mars 2017

#LisaFrankInspiration Regn regn regn regn

This is my take to the youtube-collaboration #LisaFrank and boy, this was a though one.
I dont think I ever heard anything about Lisa Frank before, I guess the products never got to Norway in the 80's.
So I had to google to see what I had gotten myself into...

Whohaaa, I loved it, the colors, rainbows and this was just perfect.. I LOVED IT!!!

But when I was trying to make something I just sat there, looking on my blank paper...
I was so inspired, yet I didnt get anything on the paper..

So this Layout took me 3 days to make, and thats a LOOONG time, I normally make a page in less then 2 hours....

But here it is, alot of colors, and craziness:

                                       I made an umbrella using brands and threads.
In english this poem would be something like this:

One is one and two is two- we jump in the water, we roll in the sand. Zig zag, we dripp on the roof, tick Tock, it's raining today. Rain, rain, rain, rain, pouring rain, pouring rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, delicious and wet, delicious and raw! One is one and two is two- we jump in the water, we rolling in the sand. Zigzag, we dripping on the roof, tick Tock, it's raining today.

Kids love water and and this poem is such a cute poem about that..

The word regn and the raindrops is made with a foil glue from Rayher, and the background is made by ecoline brush pen.
I wrote the text with a small brush and ecoline ink.

I hope you will take your time to look at the other collab'videos, so much fun in this playlist.
Here is my video:
Hope you will like it <3 p="">And if you do, I hope you will hit that like botton, and maybe also my subscribe botton..

And I hope you have a great weekend

søndag 19. mars 2017

PLIN 3 år.

Tenk det, for tre år siden la vi ut det første innlegget hos
Jeg tror aldri jeg tenkte på hva som kom til å skje videre, om bloggen ville overleve, og om den ville bli lest...

Bloggen er blitt en godt lest blogg, og jeg er så glad for teamet vi har, flotte damer, med en variert og spennende stil, dvs stiler, jeg DIGGER dere damer!!

Mitt inspirasjonsbilde er som de andres: mitt telefondeksel, favorittfrukt/bær og godteri:

Om dere liker å se videoer, så har jeg en prosess-video av denne siden:

Denne siden min her er bilder fra da jeg og Mona plutselig var på kino. Mona skulle bare inn å kjøpe noen billetter til en kino senere i uka, men før vi visste ordet av det sto vi med billetter til dagkinoen... Vi kjøpte oss brus og noe godt å spise og benket oss ned sammen med de få andre som skulle på samme kino.

Jeg ble inspirert av telefondekselet mitt, som er ombre-farget, så jeg brukte ombre-putene mine fra Hero Arts for å lage en bokeh-effekt på det 12x4 kortet mitt. Bokeh forbinder jeg med film..

Smile er en chipboard fra Creative embellishments som jeg har brukt foil-limen til Rayher på.
Når limen er tørket legger jeg Heidi Swapp Minc foil på så fester foilen seg på limen.

                         Gøy med slike små spontane utbrudd av og til...
Jeg har brukt rosa sytråd under oh yeah klistremerket, digger effekten litt tråd gir, litt sånn rotete og tilfeldig..

                               Jeg er blitt veldig glad i denne limen allerede, og  glad jeg har den som ett tilskudd til Minc-maskina mi.

Husk å levere til utfordringene hos Project life i Norge, og vil du ha ett ekstra lodd i trekningen om masse fine premier så kommenterer du i dette innlegget, og hos alle de andre i teamet sitt 3 årsinnlegg.

onsdag 8. mars 2017

En ekte hai

If you been on my blog before you know I love CSI
And Case 225 is no exeption..
Gotta love that happy pig...

I turned the sketch, and used the whole scheme.
My evidens is:
Washi tape

And my testimony:
Handwrite right on your background, and 
journal about an adventure

You find my *non-word/non-text* prosess-video on youtube:

En ekte hai( a real shark)
In  Akvariet, Bergen they have a tunel in one of the fishtanks, so you feel like you are standing inside the tank.  
And that feeling of the fishes and sharks just swimming right over your head, its a bit scary.. 
But also very exciting.....

I have used my sewing machine on the letters. 
 Both paper and chipboard is from Fab scraps.
And the stamps are from Papirdesign.

My boys looking on the fishes.. Well my oldest son just took a brife overlook, befor he went back on to his Pokemon Go hunt... He had a great day, he got alot of new pokemons hihi...

Hope you like it.

tirsdag 21. februar 2017

My dream, my love

There is something about CSI and the casefile I just love, it always inspires me so much....

And this case is no exception...
My testemony is to use a item from the scene as inspiration, and the bunny was such a sassy childish bunny,
so I wanted to use a picture of my oldest, soon to be 13 (!!) lovely daughter.
You can see a bunny on my rainbow...

My evidence: rainbow, clouds, animal,arrows, enamel dots and die cuts
 Hjerteknuser is heartbreaker. Just look at here, a real cutiepie...

 She was my dream, and my boys is a bonus-dream..
I was  told by my gynecologist that I never would be able to have kids, I have PCOS , and infertility is one of the symptoms.

I think I always wanted to be a mum, I played with dolls, I loved to be a babysitter, I think I was 7 when I got to push the stroller with my newborn nighbor, I was so proud...

So to be told that I never would be able to have kids, it was tought.
When my friends told me they where pregnant, I was happy for them, I really was, but when alone I cryed my heart out. I was never me...


7 years after the doctor told me that I would never get pregnant.....
I found myself in my bathroom with a stick with to lines on it...

How bout that!?!!
I was so happy and scared, and over the moon by this, FINALLY, it was my time...

I had been a mum for so many years in my heart, and now I was going to be a mum for real...

And that feeling... I wanted to hold on to it for ever. I want to document everything, even today, 13 years later I'm still there... And my kids now, if we dont have a picture of it, it did'nt happend.. hihi...

So I went to a photographer in all my 3 pregnancies, when the babies was 3-4 months old and when they where one year...

This is a picture of June when she was 1 <3 nbsp="" p="">

 I have been superlucky to beat the doctors outlook, and I now have 3 kids.
My new doctor  ones said that I had to send my old doctor a postcard with a picture of my kids and write: you where wrong.. hihi...

So.... I dont think you came over to my blog for all that, and if you didnt read the hole thing (I dont blame you ;) ) I hope you did like my take on case 224.
Have a great day

fredag 17. februar 2017

Enchanted rose

Im so excited to see the new  Beauty and the beast movie ... Emma Watson as Belle, oh wow.. I think she will make a perfect Belle..

You can see the trailer here:

And in the story you have the rose, the enchanted rose, I have always loved that rose, so beautiful but also so sad...
With the petals falling down...

So when I joined the #Beourguest collaboration I knew I had to make a rose...

I made it with foamiran (mosegummi in Norwegian)
The rose is made of:
7 petals 1.3/8 x 1.3/8 inch
5 petals 1. 5/8 x 1.5/8 inch
5  petals in glitter foamiran: 1.7/8 x 1.7/8 inch

With some fallen petals...

You find my video on how to make the rose here:

 I used some christmas-lights thats run on battery on the rose, so it has that magical enchanted glow..

The last layer of petals i used glitter-foamiran, and the some of the leafs is in glitter-foamiran...
 In life, the string from the rose is not visible...

I used:
Red foamiran
Green foamiran
Glitter foamiran
Brown bast
Tim Holtz distress crayons
Tattered angels Dazzling diamonds
Paper straw
A glass vase (for you in Norway; form Nille)
A candlelight-tray (Nille)

Hope you liked my rose, and my video.
Dont forget to see all the fantastic things the other artists in this collab made, you find the playlist here: Playlist on youtube

onsdag 8. februar 2017

Live life Dude

Case 223 over at CSI is a fun bright case, with MONSTERS, you know me.. I love monsters...

My take, is with my youngest little monster...
We had to go  buy dinner, and the weather was grey and sad..

And like magic, the sun came, you can see the sky is realy grey and heavy, but the sun came, and Lars just had to go back to the car and get his sunglasses.

So there we where, on the parkinglot, looking at the cold january sun together...
well, I have to tell it as it is; Lars was watching the sun, I was totally mamaratzzi...

My evidens is clouds, monsters,transparent stuff, distressing and fabric.
My testemony is the inspiration word outside

My background is made by a lot of  stamps...
And different colors stamppads..

 All the stamps is Papirdesign, exept the bubble one, who I made with my stamp machin.
I have used glimmermist and red burlap from Canvas Corp.
The monster is a puffy sticker I got at HobbyKunst

If you like to see how I made this page, I have a video here:
(And if you liked my video, I hope you will support me by likeing my video, and subscribe to my channel)

Have a great day

søndag 5. februar 2017

Sending hedge hugs

My youngest son, his not a big fan of crafting. As you can see on his coloring...
So cute..
And I dont think he care about lines... 

 This is a birthday-card for his grandad.
                                                  Gratulerer med dagen= happy birthday

The paper is from Storyteller, and the stamp and dies with sending hedge hugs is a set from The stamp of life. 

                                               You can see us make this card here:

                It was a very happy young man who gave his grandad his birthdaycard...
                                                      And grandad loved it💖

onsdag 25. januar 2017

slider-card with a dinosaur

So every now and then my youngest got time to spend in my craftroom with me. 
His not the first one to do any crafting, his more into running around and climbing trees and that kind..
So when he head over to my room, I try to document it by filming it...

And to be 5 years old and not into crafting he sure knows what he wants on his projects.

So his idea, I just help him make it...

Here you have the video. Its a superfun card, the raptor slides over the card...

 The Raptor is made by my cricut, and the dinosaur tracks cartridge.
And the background-paper is from a paper-pad from echo park: Dino friends
 In Norway you can buy it here.

Lars put the name of his friend on the card by himself, so the letters are not QUITE on a line, but I think it super-cute.

We hope you liked our card, and our video.
Linda & Lars

søndag 15. januar 2017


 (Jepp, jeg glemte å kutte av stripen på arket før bildet, men da ser vi hva arket med treverk heter: forventninger) 😃

Hos Papirdesign har de en utfordring med tema: FEIRING

Jeg tok ett bilde på nyttårsaften, med ungene i bakgrunnen, fyrverkeriet og meg som en gladløk helt i fremkant...
Jeg har ett stort utvalg av papirdesign sine stempel, og har brukt mange... Dvs alle stemplene jeg har brukt er fra Papirdesign.

 I tillegg har jeg brukt klistremerke-ord og bokstaver fra papirdesign....
Resteark-biter og vellum bak bildet, samt litt skrabling med hvit og svart tusj...

Jeg er veldig glad i sytråd om dagen, og valgte også på denne å ha med litt tråd bak bildet...

Og som dere ser ganske langt ned på siden under 2017, så har jeg hatt besøk av en liten gutt på 5 år som har pyntet litt for meg.... En orange dott har han satt på, og jeg oppdaget det ikke før jeg begynte å skrive dette blogg-innlegget...😉

Ha en fin kveld vidre..