tirsdag 10. mai 2016

Canvas Corp Brands Collaboration, Rainbow theme.

Some of the crew at Canvas Corp Brands got together and made a collaboration.
We decided on the theme Rainbow.

This is my version...

My Rainbow collaboration Intro:

Happy colors...
     Sun Sisters, Golden Orange, Cross my heart, Emerald green, Night b4 Christmas, Dried lavendel
 I also used burlap,orange and green burlap fabric. hemp rope.   mini clothpins all from Canvas Corp Brands

 I made a layout with a picture of my oldest son driving bump-cars when we vent to a carnival.

                                                          Tivoli is Norwegian for Carnival

And of course, my video...
This is a collaboration right hihi...
Hope you will like my video and subscribe to my canal.
And also to my collab' friends...(link to them in my video)
 Have a greate day.

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