søndag 10. juli 2016

Canvas Corp Brands Collaboration: Cool

Our theme; By the sea

 Hi, today I am ready for a  new CCB collab, here is my video, hope you like it.
       And dont forget to watch the amazing canvas Shel C made.

This is my take, a bright layout with my oldest son Jens then 6 years old, now it's is 3 days from his 10th birthday...Time flies...
Some close-ups:
Cool and the bobles is both diecuts. on cool I used c flute to make it.
                                        Crackle medium is so much fun, thats a medium I have loved for year. So cool when I put some mist on it after it dried,  the mist just runs down the cracks and make it pops.
The bright beautiful red starfish and crab is both a fuzzycut from a paper from CCB

                        CCB have a grate selection on clothpins in different colors.

Links to the CCB I used:
Yellow and white minidot
White C flute
Red Burlap

Coral claws and shell

Blue mist
Yellow mist
Blue glam-paint

 Hope you liked our video, have a great day.