mandag 15. august 2016

CSI case 208

Talk about long lazy summer.
Its been over a month since last post, and all I can say is, I really been into that summer-lazy-days with my kids...
But now I'm (almost )back on track.School start on thursday, and I cant wait hihi...

Im a special investigator at CSI this month.

Here are the case-file:

And this is my take:
The picture is of my funny daugther, when we are on a "minicruise" 
She got a ballon shaped as a heart from a clown(kid-entertainer) onboard, and it was perfect as a frame.

  An old Magnolia boat-stamp came in handy for this LO
 I just love how all of those random dots of gesso and glimmermist look together
Have a nice day

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