onsdag 25. januar 2017

slider-card with a dinosaur

So every now and then my youngest got time to spend in my craftroom with me. 
His not the first one to do any crafting, his more into running around and climbing trees and that kind..
So when he head over to my room, I try to document it by filming it...

And to be 5 years old and not into crafting he sure knows what he wants on his projects.

So his idea, I just help him make it...

Here you have the video. Its a superfun card, the raptor slides over the card...

 The Raptor is made by my cricut, and the dinosaur tracks cartridge.
And the background-paper is from a paper-pad from echo park: Dino friends
 In Norway you can buy it here.

Lars put the name of his friend on the card by himself, so the letters are not QUITE on a line, but I think it super-cute.

We hope you liked our card, and our video.
Linda & Lars

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