fredag 31. mars 2017

#LisaFrankInspiration Regn regn regn regn

This is my take to the youtube-collaboration #LisaFrank and boy, this was a though one.
I dont think I ever heard anything about Lisa Frank before, I guess the products never got to Norway in the 80's.
So I had to google to see what I had gotten myself into...

Whohaaa, I loved it, the colors, rainbows and this was just perfect.. I LOVED IT!!!

But when I was trying to make something I just sat there, looking on my blank paper...
I was so inspired, yet I didnt get anything on the paper..

So this Layout took me 3 days to make, and thats a LOOONG time, I normally make a page in less then 2 hours....

But here it is, alot of colors, and craziness:

                                       I made an umbrella using brands and threads.
In english this poem would be something like this:

One is one and two is two- we jump in the water, we roll in the sand. Zig zag, we dripp on the roof, tick Tock, it's raining today. Rain, rain, rain, rain, pouring rain, pouring rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, delicious and wet, delicious and raw! One is one and two is two- we jump in the water, we rolling in the sand. Zigzag, we dripping on the roof, tick Tock, it's raining today.

Kids love water and and this poem is such a cute poem about that..

The word regn and the raindrops is made with a foil glue from Rayher, and the background is made by ecoline brush pen.
I wrote the text with a small brush and ecoline ink.

I hope you will take your time to look at the other collab'videos, so much fun in this playlist.
Here is my video:
Hope you will like it <3 p="">And if you do, I hope you will hit that like botton, and maybe also my subscribe botton..

And I hope you have a great weekend

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