mandag 22. mai 2017

Tardis, explosion box...

 When you are going to a fantastic girl's confirmation, and she likes   LOVE Dr.Who, you dont just show up with a ordinary congratulation-card.. Well I dont... I made a Tardis... And its a Tardis thats explods!!
 And let me just say, I have never seen Dr.Who... I'm more into Harry Potter... So I had to google  it, I mean, everything, what the Tardis looks like, the sign on the box, I made one myself with  a (googled) qoute fra Clara Oswald..
I have used a nice blue colored bazill to make the outside of the Tardis. Exept for the windows, where I used  grey bazill
I used gelatos to make the distressed look on all the edges,
 The top on the Tardis is made with bazill and some yellow vellum.

  When the Tardis explodes, its layers and layers with pictures of Silje. From newborn til' today...
I made some galaxy-backgrounds using Glimmermist to use on the in-side walls of the tardis, the next layers is blue and black bazill, with gold-paint and a star-stencil.

In the last layer I made this, (also from Google) Fez are red, the Tardis is blue, Doctors are cool, and so are you. And then a goldheart I made with foil-glue and Minc-foil.

In the center I made "pop-up" with a die-cut: Kjære Konfirmant. (Dear confirmant) (Im not sure its the right translation, or you even have confirmations where you live. Its a big tradition in Norway)
The date for here confirmation, and on the other side I had the money she got from me and my family..

Easy decor inside, I wanted that the pictures was the mail focus.

                                                                Du er super= You're great

Gratulerer med dagen = congratulation

                                                            Hipp hurra = Hipp horray

You want to see how I made it?

Now, lets talk centimeters:
I used heavy cardboard as a base... 
The walls is 12x18 cm. I cut the cardboard so two and two walls was connected. and then folded it, so the connected bit, become a base  (you can see what I mean in the video)

Bazil, or other cardstock:
4 blue  12x18 cm. (outside the tardis)
4blue 10x 15 cm (inner layer)
4 Black 8 x 12 cm (inner layer)
4 blue 6x 9 cm (inner layer)

Panels outside the Tardis:
32 blue 3x3 cm.
12 blue 1.5 x 18 cm
8 grey  2.7 x2.7 cm. (I cut each in 0.9x1.35, these will be glued on a blue 3x3 cm for windows)
1 blue 17x17. (Score at 2 cm in on all sides. This will be the top.
1 blue 16x16, score at 2 cm in on all sides. This one I glues on top of the one in 17x17. 
1 blue 3x3 cm, Score 0.5 cm in on all sides, this is the light top)

Hope you liked it.

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