torsdag 30. november 2017

CSI case 242 Frost

This is my take on Case 242 at CSI:
My evidence: Clothespin, stamp, buttons, string, tape measure
My testimony: Document something you love to do...

I love taking cloesups pictures, and waterdrops are my favoritte cloesups, 
this picture is from last week, and our first day of winter, and the waterdrops turned into ice, beautiful..
The beauty is in the details....  

     I made the leafs with different leafs-punches and green paper, and the snowflakes with vellum.

             And I used different types of bling and enamel dotts in green around the picture

On the word Frost I used  crystal stickles to give that cold frozen look...

Have a great day

tirsdag 28. november 2017

En liten snømann ønsker deg god jul

 Hos papirdesign har de en utfordring med ett moodboard, med skikkelig vintertema...Og dette kortet er mitt bidrag..

Jeg har brukt Papirdesign sin herlige snømann, og fargelagt med promakers, er mange år siden de fikk se dagslys nå, men etter å ha fulgt Pnilssondesign  en stund på instagram, måtte jeg bare prøve den prikke-fargingen hun gjør så bra...
 Arket med snøkrystaller er fra årets julekolleksjon fra Papirdesign, og er helt nydelig,...
Jeg har brukt forskjellige dies og puncher til å stanse ut  snøkrystallene, og jeg har brukt både hvit kartong og hvit vellum til dette..

Jeg har brukt blank stickles å dradd over alle snøkrystallene, god jul er stanset ut med papirdesign-dies, på hvit kartong, som jeg fargela med promaker for å få lik farge som  omgivelsene rundt snømannen..

torsdag 2. november 2017

høstferie case 241

Case 241 at CSI, was so not my colors, I almost never use brown and yellow.
But thats what I like about CSI, I have to try things I normally wouldnt do...
My evidence: watercoloer, leaves, animals (crab is an animal right?!) wood
My testimony: document autumn

The story is, every year the kids have one week with fall-brake at school, and this year me, my hubby, our two boys and my oldest son's best friend went to our cabin by the sea..
Lazy days with rowing, taking the boat to get to the store (my 6 year old loved it, can you belive it, we didnt use the car or walked, we used the boat. Thats life!!)  We had cozy afternoon with snack and videogames, og we went fishing...

And we got lots... of both fish, sea urchin, starfish and one BIG crab..
We took the fish back to our cabin and had a great dinner, all the other went back to the sea...

 If you liked my LO I have a youtube-video on how I made it here:

Have a great day