lørdag 1. desember 2018

Case 266, 4.klasse

Over at CSI, 
we are on Case 266, with all the colors, you gotta love it.

                                                               And this is my take.
                                                     I was inspired by the colors.

Every first day of school I take a picture of my kids, and I make them write theyr 
name on some paper, and now I'm making an album with the pictures and autograph.

                                                          This is the first day in 4.grade.

 The paper is from simple stories, and I stamped differet "balls" in the background, and used a pencil to draw some circles, and some small hearts...
                                                        Some random beads around the page.
                                                       And splatter with yellow glimmermist.

                                                            Here autograph <3 p="">

Have a great day.

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Debbi Tehrani sa...

Wonderful page! Love the banners and the apples! Perfect school layout! So happy you played with us again at CSI! I apologize for the lateness of my comments!